Product Description

LinDing specializing in the production of small and medium-sized gear, spiral bevel gear and hypoid gear, rotor spindle, worm, worm, gearbox assembly series, garden blade assembly and various types of reducer, to support customers to sample non-standard custom made

【Gear class】Processing range
Modulus M 0.4---4
Helix angle B 0---45
Outer diameter Φ ≤200
Accuracy class ≤6 level GB2363---90
【Radial bevel gears】Processing range
Modulus M ≤2.5
The largest section diameter Φ 90
Two forms of data for the current product processing range, for more details.Contact Us

Processing EquipmentTesting Equipment

  • Nitriding furnace

    Nitriding furnace

  • High-frequency hardening machine

    High-frequency hardening machine

  • Four-axis machining center

    Four-axis machining center

  • Shaft plastic machine

    Shaft plastic machine

  • Dynamic balance measuring instrument

    Dynamic balance measuring instrument

  • Roundness meter

    Roundness meter

  • projector


  • Gear measurement center

    Gear measurement center

  • Vickers microhardness tester

    Vickers microhardness tester

About LinDing

Company Profile

Our company covers more than 10500 squre meters, and has 7000 squre meters building area. We currently have more than 170 workers and 15 management employees. We are specialized in medium and small module gears, arc gears, bevel gears, hyperboloid gears, rotor main shaft, worm and worm wheel, various reducers. We supply for industries such as automobile, motorcycles, electric cycles, mahjong machines. Our annual capacity for gears and shafts is more than 5 million pcs, and 300 thousand capacity for worm and worm wheels. We are also capable of aluminum die casting manufacturing and designing.



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