Enterprise Culture

First, the quality policy

People-oriented, pioneering and innovative, continuous improvement, in a timely manner to provide customers with satisfactory products and services.

Second, the quality objectives

A, the target rate of non-performing defect rate;
B, customer satisfaction is greater than 85 points, 95 points or more within three years;
C, semi-finished product pass rate of 98%, an increase of 0.2% -0.3% per year; finished product passed the test & ge; 98.5%;
D, production plan completion rate 90%; production plan completion rate 100%.

Third, corporate culture < h3>

Integrity, innovation, honor, development

Fourth, social responsibility

Lin Ding in creating profits, bear the legal responsibility, but also for employees to create a comfortable working environment, to customers satisfaction with the products and services, and to create community harmony and environmental protection to fulfill its responsibility.



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