China's top 20 gear in the world ranking has surpassed Italy

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With the tide of national economic development and development, under the guidance of relevant state ministries and agencies and organizations, China's gear transmission manufacturing industry has been leapfrogged. Gear and gear products are important basic parts of machinery and equipment, the vast majority of mechanical equipment, the main transmission components are gear.
    China's gear industry has witnessed rapid development during the Tenth Five-Year Plan period. The annual output value of the gear industry increased from 24 billion yuan in 2000 to 68.3 billion yuan at a CAGR of 23.27%, making it the largest of China's machinery foundations Industry.
    In terms of market demand and production scale, the Chinese gear industry has surpassed Italy in the global rankings, ranking fourth in the world.
Our gear industry applications are:
    First of all, automobile manual transmission (including heavy, medium, light, micro), car gearbox, motorcycle gear, construction machinery shift gearbox, large and medium-sized farm machinery variable speed transmission support, has basically based on domestic production, basically meet OEM supporting needs, and some gear parts have been exported or gearbox exports. In the automotive automatic transmission, is still controlled by imported products.
    Secondly, most of the drive axles, main and passive spiral bevel gears, straight bevel gear and wheel rim reducer can meet the domestic supporting needs. The drive axle and bevel gear industry, represented by Dongfeng Axle Bridge, are being integrated and reorganized, and the hope of rapid development has been seen.
    Thirdly, in the field of general industrial gearboxes, the entry of a group of wholly foreign-owned enterprises such as SEW has activated China's general industrial gearbox enterprises. In product serialization, modularity, quality and technical level, the rapid progress has been made in the last five years The development of the formation of a fierce competition with international brands. Some products manufactured by our country have reached the international level and some products have been exported to Europe and the United States.
    Fourthly, in terms of manufacture of high-speed and heavy-duty gear transmissions, China has a large number of high-speed gear manufacturing companies such as Nanjing High-precision Gear Co., Ltd. (Nanjing High Speed ??Gear Box Factory), Chongqing Gear Box Factory, Hangzhou Forward Gearbox Group, Zhengzhou Machinery Research Institute, Machine company, Shenyang mine reducer company represented by the enterprise. In the process of introducing technology, these enterprises have made great contributions to supporting large-scale complete sets of equipment and the development of the shipbuilding industry in our country.
    Fifth, special and special wheel drive, such as non-circular gear, plastic gear, powder metallurgy gear, small module gear, China's current leading enterprises are not formed, the technological potential of enterprises yet to be played.
    Sixthly, for gear special equipment, private-owned enterprises have developed rapidly in the recent five years and state-owned enterprises have been developing relatively slowly. Most of the state-owned gear equipment manufacturing enterprises improved their equipment reliability index slowly, resulting in the majority of the leading gear finishing equipment still imported. Part of the gear of the localization of the hope of domestic enterprises are: Qinchuan Machine Tool Factory worm wheel grinding machine; Chongqing Machine Tool Plant, Nanjing, the captain of the CNC machine tools; helical bevel gear grinding machine developed successfully; Tianjin Yuan Hao NC Spiral Bevel gear cutting machine tools in volume supply; Hangzhou Tianchen precision gear seizure, measuring tools, fixtures; Great Wall lubricants on the gear industry lubrication market services. All of these make our gear industry see the hope of independent innovation and independent development.


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